Whitehall Group provides services to companies in transition. Through proven techniques and years of valued experience in difficult environments, our highly-qualified personnel can provide you with the support needed to navigate through the current economic times.

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The Whitehall Group is a management firm that serves manufacturers who are focused on growth or restructuring. We provide a broad range of operational and financial services, including Interim Corporate Management, Operational and Financial Performance Improvement, Due Diligence, Turnaround and Restructuring, and Transactional Services such as M&A and Divestiture, or Chapter 11, Crisis Management and Orderly Liquidation. We are viewed as industry leaders and we work with clients ranging up to $500 million to drive rapid change and deliver value for owners, management, investors, and lenders.

  • Financial - Reporting, analysis & controls
  • Operational - Evaluating, implementing & improving
  • Organization - Cultural changes, metrics & communication
  • SupplyChain - Procurement, logistics & distribution
  • Strategic - Analysis planning & execution
  • Commercial - Marketing, selling & distribution

Is there an under performing division or plant that can benefit from our financial, commercial and operational expertise and assistance?

Is a project or launch causing your company significant problems?

  • Chapter 11
  • Crisis Management
  • Orderly Liquidations

Is your company's performance today what you, management, owners/shareholders, your bank and your customers expect?

Are there additional sales and marketing opportunities that need addressing?

  • Turnaround &
  • Interim Corporate

Is your company at risk because of supplier performance issues?

Have you identified the potential risks and created a mitigation plan?

  • Financial, Operations
    & Commercial
  • Supplier Development

Is your goal to drive your company's performance to the next level ‒ from good to great, or from bad to good?

What is your long-term strategy?

  • Operational & Financial
    Due Dilligence
  • Mergers, Aquisitions &
    Divestiture Services

We believe in order to most effectively serve our clients, we must proactively contribute to setting the agenda and leading the dialogue on how best to address industry challenges. Our recent and ongoing contributions include supporting the following organizations: