Whitehall has been busy working with banks, private equity firms, privately held companies and government entities in transition situations. We would like to thank you for your continued support. Please contact me to set up a meeting to discuss how Whitehall may be able to assist you in 2018.

Over the past year, we’ve witnessed some level of stability and growth in the economy.  However, despite this improvement, we continue to witness day-to-day volatility such that real or perceived risk continues to influence and cause concern for investment and growth.  This uncertainty continues to plague us with much of the same behavior and limitations experienced during the most recent recession. In response to these conditions, Whitehall Group has modified our business services to better reflect the expressed needs of our client base and your customers.

If your clients want to grow, Whitehall Group will help improve operational and financial performance, improve cash flow, and manage the business with daily metrics. We are assisting many companies which are poised for significant growth, yet need assistance in getting their base operations performing at a higher level in order to absorb new business opportunities and minimizing the need for additional capital. If your clients are looking to sell their business, Whitehall can assist by cleaning up their balance sheet, rationalizing their customer base, and improving operational performance while maximizing their options and long-term value.

In addition, we are also working with several companies across various industries to assess and mitigate risk in their supply chain. We are helping these companies identify and manage their supply chain risk where they need to prepare for growth, new product launches or just to protect their current core business. Another service Whitehall provides is assuming interim management responsibility. In this capacity, we are working with the owners, customers, and employees to restructure an organization and return the company to a profitable business model, giving the ownership options to increase value and recover investment. Whitehall has been recognized nationally, in 2012 for the ML100 award for Turnaround of the Year and again in 2016 for the ML100 award for Visionary Leadership.

So, whether your clients are looking to grow the business, sell the business, or simply maximize their value and options, they need to take a fresh look at the way the business is currently being managed.

It is an ever-changing business climate and the team of professionals at Whitehall Group can assist with a number of short and long-term strategies which ultimately strengthen your position and your client’s profitability. I would appreciate a chance to discuss how the Whitehall Group may be of value to assist you with your client base.

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