Whitehall professionals are adept at handling situations caused by a lack of financial resources, a depressed operating environment, organizational turmoil or substantial outside pressure. Chapter 11 Crisis Management & Orderly Liquidations We recognize that critical, short-term problems demand immediate answers. We can quickly assess the requirements of the situation and assemble the resources that the reorganization demands. The needs of our clients and the demands of their situations determine the nature and extent of our assistance. In the middle of a crisis, even the best managers sometimes fail to see required actions, options and possibilities. Managers often feel the situation is insurmountable or, alternatively, that it will get better with a “business as usual” approach. Managers may be so involved with “fighting the fire” that they are unable to get to the source of the problem. Stockholder and management investment in the company justify a third party, pragmatic perspective. New, objective approaches by Whitehall management can re-energize the company. Companies in trouble can be saved, but not without change. Making the necessary changesrequirescourageandcommitment.Sourcesof weaknessesneedtobespotlighted and changes must be made to maximize the company’s strengths. Whitehall will identify required changes and cause those changes to be made. If long-term viability is a concern, Whitehall can quickly address the financial and operational viability of the business. Whitehall can then assist companies in identifying and negotiating joint venture and/or sales agreements, maximizing share holder value. If no viable options for business continuity exist, Whitehall staff are skilled in the orderly liquidation process, either on behalf of the secured creditor(s) or directly for the client company. What Are The Greatest Challenges to your organization? Is there an under performing division or plant that can benefit from our financial, commercial and operational expertise and assistance? Is a project or launch causing your company significant problems? Are there additional sales and marketing opportunities to be addressed? Is your company’s performance today what you, management, owners/ shareholders, your bank and your customers expect? Is your company at risk because of supplier performance issues? Have you identified the risks and what is your mitigation plan? Is your goal to drive your company’s performance to the next level – from good to great, or from bad to good? What is your long-term strategy?