Whitehall provides management support to companies which have an immediate need for seasoned management skills to take advantage of an opportunity or deal with a crisis. Turnaround & Restructuring Today’s Business Environment Disruptive technological and macroeconomic forces have set the global economy on a new course. In this new economy, the rate of external change has exceeded many business’ ability to keep pace with its internal change initiatives, and yesterday’s business frameworks no longer work. Companies today need an adaptive and flexible business design that creates on-going value for all stakeholders. A business must be able to leverage new technology and strategy to continually and rapidly re-invent itself to be able to respond quickly to new competitive markets and customer imperatives. We guide companies through the complexity of the new economy by designing and assembling solutions that rapidly transform a business’ leadership, workforce, infrastructure and evolving communities. Our deep financial, manufacturing, operational and commercial industry experience and collaborative style give us an unmatched ability to deliver the best-of-breed business solutions in the shortest amount of time by melding the firms’ business and technology expertise with the creative talent of the Whitehall. Interim Corporate Management Whitehall management services are available to client companies as a “turnkey” management team, or as additional management resources to assist client companies in building “additional value” in the corporation, to manage unique projects that do not fit normal modes of business, and to take advantage of special opportunities. Whitehall management will custom design its services to fit the needs of our client companies. Supplemental Management Whitehall management can be retained to supplement a client’s regular staff. Often times it is necessary to do a complete evaluation of marketing, manufacturing, human resources and financial status. Whitehall management will conduct an independent evaluation. We then develop an improvement plan designed to build “additional value” into the corporation, and assist in the implementation and/or monitoring of this plan. Areas of expertise include: • General Management • Logistics Management • Commercial • Financial • Project Management • Materials Management • Supply Chain Management • Engineering • Facilities • Launch Management The key differentiator is our ability to actively assume operating roles inside the client organization until the business issues are fixed. Interim Corporate Management