We are “action based”, not theory-driven – Assessment and Implementation is completed in a matter of weeks, not months or years. Financial, Operations, and Commercial Improvement Process and Performance Improvement We can help you shift gears, and change the operating results from good to great. We assist on major acquisitions or divestiture projects at one of your divisions or plants. We improve your organization’s performance to what you expect to deliver to your customers, your board, and your shareholders. We drive your organization’s performance from “good” today, to stretch goals to be even better. Our Initial Assessment process will quantify and qualify value-added activity across your enterprise Our Enterprise Process Mapping yields an Improvement Roadmap our consultants will implement Our Metrics and Accountability Process (MAP) ensures improvements are implemented as planned, and savings are realized both in the short-term and then sustained for the long-term throughout your organization Your attainment of the savings identified in the Initial Assessment is guaranteed, given full client compliance Integrated Programs for Supplier Risk Management A structured program in five distinct phases to asses and midgate risk • Program Definition Development • Data Collection & Analysis • On-site Supplier Assessments • High-risk Supplier Intervention • Business Transfers and Tool Moves Designed to profile an entire supply base or a specific commodities risk in near-term time frames Proactive in assessing and intervening in high-risk suppliers Leverages Whitehall expertise across entire value chain (OEMs ‚ Tier 1s‚ Tier 2s) Our experience in “Evaluation Improvements” drive our ability to generate real savings and benefits that effect all parties Our Differentiator: the “Supplier Pay” model for improvement initiatives best aligns the interests of customer, supplier, and third-party resources. Supplier Development