Whitehall is well positioned to support Private Equity firms seeking to acquire businesses as well as financial institutions seeking to extend loans and relationships. Operational & Financial Due Diligence Assessment and Advisory Services Due diligence is a natural extension of our operational, financial, commercial and restructuring capabilities Interviewing and assessing the management team of the target company Touring the target’s plants and facilities to determine state of lean operations and practices Assessmentof target’ssuppliersandlogisticstoleannessof supplychainandassociatedrisks Assessment of target’s customers/programs and product portfolio and pipeline, to assess feasibility of volume projections Assessment of target’s business plan and associated financial statement projections for feasibility of attainment Review and advice on Letter of Intent/Term Sheet as it pertains to customer, supplier, financial and operational issues Interim management to take advantage of operating savings immediately Transition management - Hire new staff and to make a running change An Integrated Blend of Our Service Portfolio Whitehall will tailor a solution to support your particular project objectives. Our buyer and seller advisory services reduce the risks inherent in any acquisition or divestiture deal by providing expert analysis, planning, coordination and due diligence. As an independent and unbiased advisor, we give you an informed opinion of the strategic fit and value creation of the prospective acquisition or divestiture. In addition, for those distressed situations where rehabilitation is not an option, we are engaged to help you go through an orderly liquidation of your business. We will assist you to: • Develop an acquisition or selling strategy that complements your overall business plan • Identify, contact and present to acquisition targets or prospective buyers • Lead and coordinate due diligence, and determine valuation and transaction structure • Assist in negotiating and closing the transaction • Develop internal and external communication plans • Plan and structure the integration of the acquisition • Identify organizational changes and new management roles • Assist in negotiating and closing the transaction • We have strong working relationships with equity groups and banks that can match specific needs between buyers and sellers. Whitehall can provide our entire spectrum of services to corporate and private equity owners with regard to mergers, acquisitions or divestitures. Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestiture Services