Organizational Transformation


Our Organizational Transformation program is designed with a philosophical approach. It has been created on the premise that any organization can be more effective or successful knowing, understanding and implementing processes that effectively engage and deploy Human Capital at all levels within the organization.

The senior leadership team’s desire to move the organization into a culture focused on employee engagement and effectiveness is required. (Management must understand and support the concepts for the company’s transformation to be successful.)




Evaluation and Reorganization


  • An Emergency Manager cut expenses through staffing, salaries, benefit and other expense reductions making the City budget stable.
  • The City needed to reset the steps taken by the Emergency Manager to rebuild and repurpose resources with an end goal of making the City more efficient and viable moving forward.
  • Develop a recommended action plan for the City to achieve the goals of sustaining service levels with the greatest cost reduction.
  • Complete a review of current and future organizational structure and functions including all programs and services provided by each individual department.
  • Provide recommendations on consolidation of services in city departments and possible collaboration efforts with other government units or like service providers.
  • Help determine the cost effectiveness of outsourcing city services to other public or private entities while maintaining acceptable service levels.
  • Complete an appraisal of operating practices and techniques utilizing current personnel and equipment
  • Compare city services to other Michigan and Midwest benchmark communities
  • Conducted a thorough analysis and evaluation of functions, programs and services encompassed by existing operations.
  • Realigned services into categories of: must have, nice to have and not needed/outsource.
  • Performed an assessment of anticipated future demands for programs and services. An assessment of how City functions, programs and services could potentially be carried out in a more cost effective manner through internal realignment, collaboration with other governments, outsourcing or other considerations.
  • Created a recommended action plan for the City to consider, to achieve the purpose of the project, with identification of actions that could be taken to sustain service levels and the achieve the greatest cost reduction.

Merger of 2 Automotive Organizations

1 small privately held company and 1 German based large company


  • Cultural and organizational differences had created a go-nogo situation on a merger that was not working
  • Both parties had reached a point of “no return” and felt that unwinding the merger might be the best solution
  • Understand the original goals of the merger from both parties perspectives
  • Decipher what was working and what wasn’t in the process
  • Evaluate the management team, structure and background of the company including roles and responsibilities
  • Recommend changes to organizational behavior
  • Provide metrics to get back on track to a successful merger
  • Took a very negative situation and provided both sides with factual information and feedback regarding where things went wrong in the initial process
  • Conducted workshops for individuals and management teams to understand the organizational and cultural differences
  • Provided the revised organizational structure to drive the new merged organization
  • Developed the KPI- metrics to manage with data vs. emotions and keep everything on track with improved communication

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