Who We Are

Whitehall was founded by Managing Partner Joe Bione over 30 years ago as a management firm providing “services to companies in transition or trouble.”

Whitehall is led by senior-level executives with 30+ years of experience in all aspects of financial, manufacturing, operational and commercial sectors. We have developed an “Enterprise Operations Excellence” methodology, built on the fundamentals of Toyota Lean and Six Sigma principles, which we apply to rapidly improve bottom-line performance. Whitehall brings the right combination of experience, expertise and client-side perspective to each and every assignment. We are viewed as industry leaders who work with clients to drive change and deliver value.

What are the greatest challenges to your organization?

Is your goal to drive your company’s performance to the next level – from good to great, or from bad to good? What is your long-term strategy?

Is your company at risk because of supplier performance issues? Have you identified the risks and what is your mitigation plan?

Are there additional sales and marketing opportunities to be addressed?

Is there an under performing division or plant that can benefit from our financial, commercial and operational expertise and assistance?

Is a project or launch causing your company significant problems?

Let’s discuss how Whitehall can help you and your organization.

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