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Whitehall Group LLC – Your Strategic Business Partner!

With an impressive 36-year track record and award-winning services, we specialize in transition planning, private equity support, interim management, and more. Whether you’re navigating transition issues, M&A, or process optimization. Our seasoned team offers unparalleled expertise. From supply chain management to restructuring support and customized private equity services, Whitehall is your go-to partner for reducing risk, driving change, and maximizing your bottom line. Connect with us to elevate your business strategy and unlock new possibilities!

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Did You Know…

Baby Boomers own 50% of businesses in the U.S.?

And 10,000 of these baby boomers are retiring or otherwise leaving the businesses every single day! Ninety percent of these 10,000 baby boomers never even thought about a transition. They never uncovered the answers to the burning questions, “What happens if something happens to me? What happens to the kids? What if I want to sell the business? Who will run the business after me?”

It’s essential that these businesses don’t get caught off-guard, and that’s why Whitehall Group is here.

Are you prepared for the unexpected . . . or maybe even the expected?

Whitehall Group wins 17th Annual M&A Advisors 2022 Restructuring Award

We’re proud to announce Whitehall Group has won  its 3rd National Award recognition as the winner of the “M&A Advisors Restructuring of the Year Award” ($10MM to $25MM). The Whitehall Group has received two previous National Awards, winning the ML 100 Award in 2012 for “Turnaround of the Year” and the ML 100 Award in 2016 for “Visionary Leadership.”

General Statistics

80 – 90% of most business owners’ wealth is tied up in their businesses.

50% of transitions are not voluntary and happen due to events outside of an owner’s control, including disability, death, divorce, distress or disagreement.

Only 12% of organizations have written and communicated transition plans.

75% of business owners plan to transition in the next 10 years and about 50% in the next 5 years. This represents a transfer of 4,500,000 businesses and over $10 trillion of wealth.

49% of business owners have not planned their transition at all.

Family Transition

30% of family-owned businesses reach to the second generation.

12% of family-owned businesses reach to the third generation.

3% of family-owned businesses reach to the fourth generation and beyond.

One out of ten business owners successfully pass unity and prosperity to the next generation.

To Maximize Value – Importance Of Planning

Two-thirds of business owners are not familiar with their exit options.

78% of business owners have no formal transition plan/team.

83% of business owners have no written exit plan.

Only 20% of transactions close (due to lack of planning).

But, 80% close with planning.

This is how we can help!

Board Advisory Roles

With decades of expertise in a wide range of industries, Whitehall is prepared to help in incremental steps or in a full-time capacity.

Executive Coaching & Interim Management Support

Whether your current leadership team needs innovative ideas to move forward or interim managers to step in, you can rely on Whitehall.

Transition Planning Services

From growing a business to selling a business, we customize business strategies to ensure your leadership team is prepared for any transition.

Operational Excellence

We use an Enterprise Operations Excellence methodology based on lean six-sigma principles to evaluate, implement, and improve operations.

Driving Change.
Delivering Value.

With over 30 years of experience and as a national award winner, Joe can help you plot for the map for the future of your company.

Providing Services to Companies in Transition

In addition to business transition and private equity support, we offer numerous consulting and planning services to help you prepare for the future today.

Transition Management

As your organization is transitioning, Whitehall’s team of leaders are ready to help by filling management roles and providing guidance for the future.

Assessment & Advisory Services

As an independent and unbiased advisor, we can assess information to create value and identify the most strategic fit for you.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whitehall offers services to corporate banks, attorneys, private equity firms, and owners with regard to mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures.

Process & Performance Improvement

We serve as extra sets of eyes to help you identify potential operational risks and opportunities and then develop beneficial solutions for your business.

Supply Chain Management

Whitehall is here to assist organizations that need to streamline, organize, and optimize supply chain procurement, logistics, and distribution.

Restructuring & Interim Management

Whitehall provides turnaround and restructuring support to companies that have an immediate need for seasoned management skills.

Private Equity Support

One of our core services is customized private equity support in the form of interim corporate management and organizational transformation, as well as operational and financial due diligence and improvement. As you evaluate and expand your portfolio of companies, Whitehall can assist you in reducing risk, driving change, and maximizing your bottom line.

Helping Companies Improve
Bottom-Line Performance