The Whitehall Approach

Whitehall was founded by Managing Partner Joe Bione over 35 years ago as a business management firm providing services to companies in transition or trouble.

Today, those standards continue but have been enhanced to address changes in business structures in Michigan and throughout the country.

Whitehall approaches every opportunity with an “Enterprise Operations Excellence” analytical framework. This framework is founded on the principles of Lean Manufacturing and enhanced with Six Sigma concepts and techniques. We extend lean principles beyond the shop floor to support functions (lean office) up and down the value chain, from customers to suppliers. Everything we do is directed toward rapid improvement of operational performance that drives the financial results of the business.

We don’t simply offer recommendations as consultants. Instead, we become actively involved in your everyday processes to help you get back on your feet, improve your outlook, and make the decisions that will benefit you, your employees, your customers, your shareholders, and your partners.

Enterprise Operations Excellence

Our advising and consulting firm is led by senior-level executives with 30-plus years of experience in all aspects of financial, manufacturing, operational, and commercial sectors.

Throughout these 30 years, we have learned the ins and outs of what works, what doesn’t, and the intricate needs of the various industries we serve. As a result of this first-hand expertise, we can customize solutions to fit your needs.

We have developed an “Enterprise Operations Excellence” methodology, built on the fundamentals of Toyota Lean and Six Sigma principles, which we apply to rapidly improve bottom-line performance. Whitehall brings the right combination of experience, expertise, and client-side perspective to each and every assignment. We are viewed as industry leaders who work with clients to drive change and deliver value.

The Whitehall approach and Enterprise Operations Excellence Methodology involves working with you to answer the following questions and find suitable solutions as needed:

  • What are the greatest challenges to your organization?
  • Is your goal to drive your company’s performance to the next level – from good to great, or from bad to good? What is your long-term strategy?
  • Is your company at risk because of supplier performance issues? Have you identified the risks and what is your mitigation plan?
  • Are there additional sales and marketing opportunities to be addressed? Is there an under-performing division or plant that can benefit from our financial, commercial and operational expertise and assistance?
  • Is a project or launch causing your company significant problems?

Let’s discuss how Whitehall can help you and your organization.

Our Process: Action-Based, Not Theory Driven

  1. Our Initial Assessment process will quantify and qualify waste and value-added vs. non-value-added activity across the enterprise. We will expose the “hidden opportunities.”
  2. Our enterprise process mapping yields an improvement roadmap for implementation across our client’s organization.
  3. Our Metrics and Accountability Process (MAP) ensures improvements are implemented as planned and that savings are delivered in the short-term and sustained for the long-term.
  4. Our clients’ attainment of the savings identified are guaranteed, given full client compliance.
  5. We are action-based, not theory-driven. Assessment and implementation are completed in weeks, not months or years.

Who We Serve

Whitehall serves clients through a variety of channels, based upon the nature of the engagement and guided by the needs and best interest of the client. We primarily serve privately held, middle-market companies and individuals in management roles within these organizations, including:


  • Ownership and senior management
  • Private equity firms and investors
  • Tier 1 suppliers/OEMs
  • Law firms
  • Accounting firms
  • Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions

Lean Six-Sigma Principles

Whitehall approaches every project with an Enterprise Operations Excellence methodology built on the fundamentals of lean six-sigma principles, designed to rapidly improve profits:


  • Financial: Reporting, analysis, and controls
  • Commercial: Marketing, selling, and distribution
  • Organization: Cultural changes, metrics, and communication
  • Operational: Evaluating, implementing, and improving
  • Strategic: Analysis planning and execution
  • Supply Chain: Procurement, logistics, and distribution