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Process and Performance Improvement

We can help you shift gears, and change the operating results from good to great. We assist on major acquisitions or divestiture projects at one of your divisions or plants. We improve your organization’s performance to what you expect to deliver to your customers, your board, and your shareholders. We drive your organization’s performance from “good” today, to stretch goals to be even better.

  • Our Initial Assessment process will quantify and qualify value-added activity across your enterprise
  • Our Enterprise Process Mapping yields an Improvement Roadmap our consultants will implement
  • Our Metrics and Accountability Process (MAP) ensures improvements are implemented as planned, and savings are realized both in the short-term and then sustained for the long-term throughout your organization
  • Your attainment of the savings identified in the Initial Assessment is guaranteed, given full client compliance


World Leader in Water Jet technology


    Whitehall was engaged to avoid expansion costs and absorb new business opportunities in house


  • Optimize production efficiency and throughput by minimizing material handling and movement
  • Eliminate repeat actions and establish metrics for all activities
  • Establish clearly delineated areas for WIP and minimize product movement
  • Create point-of-use inventory, where appropriate and monitor wait times
  • Create inventory management by sight, where appropriate and clearly defined metrics
    To maximize the efficiency of the current space and staff and monitor performance daily


  • Collect data on 2014 and 2015 plant performance metrics
  • Meet with key management personnel regarding inventory performance, finished unit throughput, and scheduling
  • Worked with a manufacturing engineer on a daily basis to discuss ideas for improvements
  • Conducted time studies in pump assembly and finished unit assembly
  • Processed mapped pump assembly to determine value added versus non-value added activities
    Opened approximately 40% additional capacity within 8 weeks at the cost of only one fulltime employee


  • Created a matrix for project initiatives that were approved by the Senior Management Team to start project throughput
  • Established a tracking board on the plant floor for plant performance to include financial performance, inventory reduction, unit output and obsolescence tracking
  • Created a staging area before paint that will eliminate pump pre-assembly masking
  • Microsoft Project Gannt Chart created to track all initiatives

Tier 1 OEM Supplier of Recreational and Agricultural and Low Volume Heavy Vehicle Heating and Air Conditioning Systems


  • Joint proposal with an accounting firm, upon repositioning of operational performance to enhance value, and ultimate yield to PBGIC in excess of conventional receivership liquidation
  • Stable company recovering from 2008 economic crisis impact upon customer base, revenue decline and cost increases
  • Placed in Receivership by PBGC as a result of parent company contribution/funding deficiencies
  • Shareholder draws coupled with declining profitability post recovery have created a less than optimal operating results and operational degradation
  • Review financial performance and develop operating budget reflective of present book of business and in place operating profile-a base line
  • Review primary cost drivers of material and labor for identification of areas of opportunity
  • Develop or confirm labor and overhead associated with operating profiles and opportunities related thereto
  • Evaluate personnel and systems to extent required to facilitate improvements
  • Normalize prior year results of operations to cleanse penalties arising due to lack of cash and potentially recoverable fees from parent company
    Operational savings were identified in several key areas, including:


  • Headcount reduction &- Labor Management has resulted in 25% improvement
  • Material costing and payment terms-normalized CIA to Credit for approximately 35 suppliers, progressing on pricing and prompt pay discounts
  • Price increase potential-small customers
  • Inventory purchasing strategies-reduction in on hand is occurring, approaching $100,000 reduction in live inventory on hand
  • Determine and quantify value potential differential for sale in place versus orderly liquidation at $4 million increase over liquidation before improvements and up to 8 million with operational improvements
    Primed lending has been put in place to facilitate future supplier terms and pricing enhancements
    Scrap purge has resulted in 30% recovery against first cost, well in excess of bulk liquidation of inventory

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