Business Transition Services

For over 35 years, the Whitehall Group has been servicing middle-market privately held manufacturing companies. We have served bankers, lawyers, accountants, private equity firms, business owners, OEMs, and suppliers with a goal of helping them transition from their current business situation to one that is more suitable for the future.

What does that mean? One organization may need to create a succession plan for retirement. Another must consider how to reorganize their top leadership upon someone’s departure. Another may wish to make a contingency or emergency preparedness plan in case of an unexpected event. Yet another may wish to sell the business, merge with another corporation, or consolidate offices.

Business transition needs run the gamut depending on multiple factors, and we are here to help you identify what you need, how to plan for it, and how to prepare for the unexpected.

With the pandemic finally winding down and the economy getting back to somewhat of a normal situation, the true effects of this pandemic on businesses is starting to show. Some businesses have thrived through this environment, while others have failed and closed. PPP monies have helped those in the middle, but the real victims are the privately held middle-market companies.

Decisions have to be made on where a company is going long-term and how it’s going to get there. We can help!

Board Advisory Roles

Whitehall brings decades of Board Advisory Services experience to any business situation in incremental steps or in a full-time capacity. Whitehall has been helping companies determine if there are potential gaps that can put the company at risk, as well as provide day-to-day guidance and direction.

Executive Coaching and Interim Management Support

Whitehall executives are available to assist company management when needed, whether it is to support current management through external or internal problem situations or to provide guidance and training to a new individual or management team.

Transition Planning Services

The Whitehall Group specializes in assisting privately held middle market companies, whether they are looking to grow the business, pass it on to family or management members, improve operations and profitability, refinance, or sell the business. We tailor a custom strategy to ensure that they are prepared for any transition.

Operational Excellence

Whitehall works “hand in hand” with leadership and management to create the strategic direction and corporate environment to successfully deliver the organization’s overall goals. We help clients re-engineer troubled processes, align talent, create an environment of accountability, and improve bottom line performance.