Private Equity Support

As you evaluate and expand your portfolio of companies, we would expect operational due diligence, maximizing your bottom line, and increasing company value are several challenges you face daily. Whitehall can assist you in reducing risk, driving change, and improving operational performance.

The Whitehall Group has been assisting private equity groups, investment banks, attorneys, CPAs, and banks for nearly 30 years in providing a comprehensive set of services, including:

  • Operational and financial due diligence
  • Operational and financial improvement
  • Organizational transformation
  • Interim corporate management

Whitehall will tailor a solution to support your particular project objectives. Our buyer and seller advisory services reduce the risks inherent in any acquisition or divestiture deal by providing expert analysis, planning, and coordination and due diligence.

As an independent and unbiased advisor, we give you an informed opinion of the strategic fit and value creation of the prospective acquisition or divestiture. In addition, we can provide interim corporate management services when needed.

Whitehall’s Private Equity Support Services

Operational Due Diligence

Our operational capabilities are second to none. By focusing on enterprise-wide performance, our clients recognize that the combination of Whitehall skillsets can help make the due-diligence process much more than simply a financial exercise. We identify potential operational risks and opportunities and develop strategies and solutions which result in an immediate impact on your business’s bottom-line performance.

Operational/Financial Improvement

If you have a new acquisition or a portfolio company that is not performing to your expectations, the Whitehall team can quickly identify and implement the necessary actions which will enhance and accelerate initiatives which drive profitability.

Organizational Transformation

Our organizational transformation capabilities are designed to move an organization from its current state to a highly productive metric-based team. Our approach is designed on the premise that any organization can perform at a higher level.

Interim Corporate Management

Whitehall management services are available to client companies as a turnkey management team or as an additional management resource. We assist client companies in building additional value in the corporation, managing unique projects that do not fit normal modes of business, and taking advantage of special opportunities.

Our Approach

Whitehall Group approaches every opportunity within an “Enterprise Operations Excellence” analytical framework that is enhanced with the following six sigma concepts and techniques:

  1. Supply Chain Distribution
  2. Financial Metrics
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. Commercialization
  5. General Manufacturing Organization
  6. Operations Performance

We extend lean principles beyond the shop floor to support functions (“lean office”) up (to customers) and down (to suppliers) value chain.

Everything we do is directed toward rapid improvement in operational performance that drives the financials of the business.

The best way to improve is to evaluate the entire enterprise.

Recent Private Equity Engagements

Institutional/Retail Food Manufacturer
Assisted private equity owners in operational improvements to reduce costs and improve profits in preparation for a sale to maximize return on investment.
Waste Management Firm
Helped private equity ownership and the company to review a number of potential acquisitions and provided merger integration analysis and implementation once the acquisitions were finalized.
Beverage Bottle Manufacturer
Whitehall served in a VP of Operations position and other key management roles to assist the private equity owners in restructuring and returning the company to profitability. The company was then sold to a strategic buyer/competitor, eliminating debt and generating a return on their investment.
Automotive Manufacturer
Whitehall was hired by a private equity firm to close the business, which was in serious decline and suffering significant financial drain. Whitehall, as the CEO/president and management team, led the growth from $8 million to $45 million in four years. The company was returned to profitability, product lines were sold to different competitors, and most of the original private equity investment was returned.
CNC Fabricating Company
The private equity-owned company was heading for a bankruptcy which would have caused serious negative issues with customers and for ownership within the portfolio. Whitehall developed and managed an orderly liquidation plan over a six-month period that satisfied customer requirements, coordinated business transfers, eliminated bank debt, and avoided negative impacts.