Interim Corporate Management

We step in to give your company a step up.

When it comes to interim corporate management, the key differentiator is our ability to actively assume operating roles inside the client organization until the business issues are fixed.

Joe Bione and the rest of our team members have backgrounds within these various organizations, so they are highly qualified to step in and assist to help facilitate a more fluid transition.

Whitehall can serve as a turnkey management team or as an additional management resource to assist client companies. Our assistance can empower you in building additional value in the corporation, managing unique projects that do not fit normal modes of business, and taking advantage of special opportunities.

Whitehall management will customize its services to fit the needs of our client companies, and we can serve in positions such as general management, president, CEO, and board roles.

Supplemental Management for Corporations

Whitehall management can be retained to supplement a client’s regular staff. Whitehall management can also conduct a complete, independent evaluation of areas including marketing, manufacturing, human resources, and financial status. We would then develop an improvement plan designed to build additional value into the corporation, as well as assist in the implementation and/or monitoring of this plan.
Areas of expertise include:
  • Logistics Management
  • Commercial
  • Financial
  • Project Management
  • Materials Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Engineering
  • Facilities
  • Launch Management

Interim Corporation Management Case Study #1

Manufacturing Portfolio: Five Companies with Revenues of $100-$150 Million – Assessment, Interim Management, Sale
The Facts
  • Brought in by legal and accounting resources to run a portfolio of five companies after owner’s illness.
  • One of the key entities had a multi-million-dollar order without the first production unit built.
The Approach
  • Engage in CEO, COO, and CFO roles across multiple entities in the portfolio.
  • Assess all entities and determine plans for ongoing sales, quality, and product mix.
  • Complete final product development for major order and launch required production.
  • Stabilize portfolio and return to profitability.
  • Identify key value drivers and understand long-term value of the business.
  • Implement metrics for cash management and cost reduction.
The Results
  • Performed in interim management roles for 12 months, delivered profitable performance, and positioned entities for sale or liquidation.
  • Successfully delivered on multi-million-dollar production order that was significantly behind schedule.
  • Increased value for three entities and completed successful sale to new owners.

Interim Corporation Management Case Study #2

Tier 1 OEM Supplier of Truck Tonneaus and Miscellaneous Products
The Facts
The business was once a $600 million company with 26 plants around the world whose founder invented the sunroof. The company also produced specialty vehicles and other highly engineered products for OEMs. This company was globally recognized as a leader and outstanding performer in the automotive industry. With the untimely death of the owner and no transition plan in place, the company went spiraling downward due to lack of leadership and direction. After seven years of internal arguing between management and family owners, the company was reduced to a $20 million company that was consistently losing money. Unfortunately, this situation and the collapse of the auto industry in 2009 led to an eventual bankruptcy. While in bankruptcy, the assets of the company were purchased by a private equity firm and the company continued to decline over the next four years. In this time, sales plummeted, and the company was reduced to an $8 million business that was losing $4 million per year. The customer base was reduced to one major customer with a few highly technical and critical products. No new business was being awarded to this troubled company. Whitehall was hired, and Joe Bione was appointed as president, CEO, and board member by the private equity owners to close the business and stop the losses. Joe believed that the company could be turned around and restructured. In addition to hiring Bione, the private equity firm brought on several Whitehall Group consultants to fill other key management roles in the company to assist with the turnaround and restructuring.
The Approach
The first priority was to stabilize and improve operational performance, as the company could not lose any additional business. This subsequently provided the baseline for future customer expansion and sales growth. With improved performance, a market need, and a technology edge, customer expansion increased and sales went from $8 million in 2013 to $45 million in booked sales for 2017. Quality: With the changes made at the company through Whitehall’s leadership and expertise, manufacturing consistently performed at 99%+ first time capability and on time delivery excellence. Customer metrics were achieved and recognized by all customers, TS audit and certification was accomplished. Delivery: On-time delivery consistently performed at 100% for all customers. The company was recognized by General Motors as a platinum supplier for on-time delivery. Similar recognitions and awards came from Fiat Chrysler and Toyota. Metrics: Key performance metrics were instituted over a two-year period. A best-in-class war room was established displaying all business metrics. KPIs were managed daily, weekly, and monthly and were visible to the entire organization. Metrics were linked to both corporate objectives and individual performance which established individual and departmental goals/objectives leading to increased profitability.
The Results
The Whitehall team worked diligently to not only improve financial performance but to also make the company a major player in the industry again with its specific technology and product lines. The company expanded the customer base and topline sales, and it generated positive EBITDA in less than four years. With the assistance of Whitehall. the company was able to move its technology and products to competitors which resulted in the recovery of much of the original private equity firm’s investment.

Is a project or launch causing your company significant problems? Are there additional sales and marketing opportunities to be addressed?