Operational & Financial Due Diligence

We study the ins-and-outs, leaving no stone unturned.

Whitehall is well-positioned to support private equity firms seeking to acquire businesses, as well as financial institutions seeking to extend loans and relationships.

Due diligence is a natural extension of our operational, financial, commercial, and restructuring capabilities.

Our operational and financial due diligence processes include:

  • Interviewing and assessing the management team of the target company
  • Touring the target’s plants and facilities to determine the state of lean operations and practices
  • Assessment of the target’s suppliers and logistics to leanness of supply chain and associated risks
  • Assessment of target’s customers, programs, product portfolio, and pipeline to assess feasibility of volume projections
  • Review and advise on Letter of Intent/Term Sheet as it pertains to customer and supplier as well as financial and operational issues
  • Interim management to take advantage of operating savings immediately
  • Transition management (hire new staff, make a running change)

Is your company’s performance today what you, management, owners/shareholders, your bank, and your customers expect?