The Whitehall Approach

Whitehall approaches every opportunity within an “Enterprise Operations Excellence” analytical framework. This framework is founded on the principles of Lean Manufacturing and enhanced with Six Sigma concepts and techniques. We extend lean principles beyond the shop floor to support functions (lean office), and the value chain up (to customers) and down (to suppliers). Everything we do is directed towards rapid improvement of operational performance that drives the financial results of the business.


  • Our Initial Assessment process will quantify and qualify waste and value-added vs. non-value-added activity across the enterprise -we will expose the “hidden opportunities.”
  • Our Enterprise Process Mapping yields an Improvement Roadmap for implementation across our client’s organization.
  • Our Metrics and Accountability Process (MAP) ensures improvements are implemented as planned, and savings are delivered in the short-term and sustained for the long-term.
  • Our Client’s Attainment of the Savings identified are guaranteed, given full client compliance.
  • We are “Action Based” not Theory Driven -assessment and implementation are completed in weeks, not months or years.

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